Sunday, 6 February 2011


As many of you will know, my mum struggled with her fight against cancer and died in March 2008. Obviously this had a major impact on my life, and an impact that would never be possible to be put in to words. Throughout her time of illness she was helped by Macmillan Cancer Support ( in various ways. Her nurse was great with her, and the people we met in the hospital were lovely and cared for us, as well as her, at a time of need. There's no way I can get the life of my mum back, and I couldn't deal with that happening for many reasons. I don't feel up for a religious/moral debate just now, however! There's no way I can pay back Macmillan for the work that they did, or Maggies Cancer Care Centres for their influence, or the Borders General Hospitial or anyone else for that matter. So, I won't try to pay them back but I will try to support them in their work now, and in the future. Already each month I donate to Macmillan but every so often I feel that it is time to do something more and make an effort. A direct debit doesn't take much out of me!


That is what is going to happen. On the 13th March 2011, I will be having a designated quiet day. I say 'silence' and not silence, because although my mouth will not be leading to words, my phone won't be leading to texts, my laptop won't be leading to emails, I shall still have thoughts, feelings and emotions to live with. They, to me, are not silent.

This date marks the first Sunday in lent, my last Sunday off work until November and the 3 year anniversary of the day my mum made her way to comfort. What can I learn from this day? Isn't life about learning? Every day we learn, and on this day I am challenging myself more than normal to learn in new ways. To learn about the world, communication, faith, relationships, worship, support, empathy, heaven, listening, earth, words, myself... The list is endless. Learning.

Please, if you would like to help me in my quiet day and would like to help Macmillan continue to work they do, follow this link: If you would like to donate cash/cheque, please speak to me. If you would like to support through written word, prayer, song, quiet with me, or anything else, it'd be lovely to know. No matter how you support, even if it is just to read this, then thank you.