Thursday, 12 November 2009

Who Says I Have OCD? (June '09)

My friends (is that what you call people who wind you up about things?!) have a wee song that they like to sing to me which goes something like this ... "OCD, OCD, She's got OCD".

Do you think they are trying to tell me something?
Is it something to do with the fact that I like to make sure the hymn books, abbey worship books and information leaflets are in the same order in every chair in the Abbey?

Possibly that I'm a bit picky about how the soup bowls are stacked, with the handles facing the same way and the same type of bowl in each pile?

Maybe that I like the big mugs to be on one tray and the smaller mugs to be on another? Possibly that I think the plates at each dinner table should be the same type, and that the knifes need to be of the same kind (not some fat handled and some thin handled on the same table)?

Maybe that I'm a bit picky when it comes to the order in which paper work should be kept? Possibly that I like to organise things, anything really, in my spare time?

Maybe it's that I like things to be in an order of come kind; colour, height, size, price? Possibly it's something to do with the annoying little things that I have to do repeatedly; counting colours of stripes on bags, counting window panes on doors, tracing lettering on posters with my eyes, folding clothes and towels, straightening my necklace, retyping things even though it was right the first time?
Ok, so I admit it. After easily making such a long list of things, I have OCD in various bits of my life. I hope this makes it clear to those certain unnamed people (Eilidh and Sarah!) who like to sing me my OCD song that I don't mind, it's ok, I admit that I have it, so them singing the song is just the truth after all. The singing of the song will not take my picky-ness away from me! And it won't make me love them any less either!

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