Saturday, 15 May 2010


So this whole blog thing is clearly not a success! I've discovered that life is a bit too busy here, and time is tight... time off is tight, more to the point. And even in that time off, my internet connection is in my office... it is not tempting on days off to be in the office!

Life has been busy and adventurous, to say the least. Having been one team member down for the whole season so far, I'm so glad to be back up to a full team - in hospitality at least. Carol who used to be the Hospitality Team Leader (HTL) in 2008 has returned to help out for 6 months, and to be the extra team member that we haven't had lately. Interviews for HTL are happening this week though - 2 via Skype, and 1 here on island. Here's hoping that one of them is what we are looking for, and we can officialy be a fully staffed Hospitality Team in the not too distant future.

I've had some amazing times here, to say the least. The people still amaze me each day and I love them to bits. My life would be so difficult without my extended family here around me. I have the best housemates! All 7 of us don't get together very often but when we do we have a total blast. We are all meeting up this Sunday night for a potluck pudding gathering (yes, life does revolve around food here!)... Laura is leaving in just under a month so we thought we should have a leaving do type thing for her. However, Julie and Fran are both going on holiday this week for a fornight so we decided this week would be good. Really looking forward to all being together :)

I'm wondering how the next two weeks will pan out... Julie and Fran are my two buddies who help me majorly with work things more than anything, but I also spend an awful lot of my time with them in the evenings, out for walks etc. So, I have a feeling that to have them both on holiday at once will be quiet a challenge for me. Soon find out!

I have a feeling that an awful lot has happened in the last month since I last updated... but I have no memory at the moment... maybe I should get my diary! But that is nowhere near me right now... so you'll have to deal with not knowing!

For now, the kettle and Arrested Development are calling me... I'll try to update again soon, honestly... Bug me if I don't!

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