Friday, 3 December 2010

Do you ever wonder...

...why people always talk about technology being so much better than it used to be? If that's the case, then why can no trains or planes or cars cope with the snow?! I'm sitting listening to BBC Radio2 (coz I'm cool like that...) and after I had a wee mini rave to some cheesy 80's music, the traffic and weather information came on - and it sounds as though the whole of Britain is stuck because of the snow. Come on people, we must be able to deal with snow better than this somehow - and we're gonna have to improve cause it's going to keep happening now, let's face it.
Strange thing is, just a few hours ago I was on the phone to Becs who's out in Australia and she's talking about being in shorts and a vest top. Isn't the world a confusing and totally fascinating place? One side of the world is stopping because of some snow, and one side of the world is enjoying summer sun... It's going to be Christmas soon... and I just can't believe how different the world is. I'd love to go and celebrate Christmas in the sun one day. And I bet some Australians would like to spend it in the snow. Odd...
Anyway, just my wee ponderings of the day :) My mind likes to ponder. Most of which I won't share here, just now anyway!
Wherever you are and whatever the weather, don't be fooled by it - just do what you can and enjoy every moment of today because today won't last forever!


  1. Norwich hasn't stopped because of the snow, so that's one place that's still going. Possibly the only place. Mind you, I haven't left home all day because it's cold out there.

    And I'm excited about the prospect of snow this Christmas. I hope it does, I really really really want a white Christmas!! If you'd like a summer Christmas, come and visit some time. :D

  2. Well done Norwich, I'm impressed. And, yes, it is cold out there!
    See - people are excited about snow at Christmas! Maybe I shall just do that :)