Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Wing & A Prayer

When I returned from 4 nights off island I came back to a magazine in the post for Greenbelt Angels and Volunteers:

Wing & A Prayer

Inside this magazine there are articles titled:
The world is changing

Dreams of Home

Whole life

Ancient & Modern

Dying to Live

Not one of these titles didn't mean something to me at a quick glace, before I had time to sit and read it. Not many of the articles inside relate at all to what my original thoughts on those titles were, but it's an interesting lesson in how the individual mind works; turning the matters of many in to matters of one.

The world changes so much, yet can I keep up with it in any way? After being off island for only 4 days I realised how much of the 'news' I have missed out on lately. I've known the major headlines, but any information in detail? Nope. How, in an ever changing island community, do you keep up to date with the ever changing world that surrounds you?

Often here we get asked where we are from, or where home is. That question gets harder to answer each time a guest asks. After 1 years and 3 months on Iona, I would say Iona is my home. After only 1 day I think I would have said that. But Iona is only home for a brief moment in time; not forever. It's an ever changing place that people come to and leave again; it's the way it works here. So where is home? Edinburgh is where is home for me, I guess. I was brought up there for most of my life and I know it better than anywhere else; it feels comfortable and known. But maybe home is about the people too, not just places? Dreams of home... Who do those dreams include?

My thoughts could continue on the rest of the titles but I may need at least another hour to type out background information too, and sadly I don't have time for that. But it was interesting to me; to come home and find Wing & A Prayer in my pigeon hole and what thoughts and emotions that led to. Maybe a Wing & A Prayer is what it feels like I'm living by right now...


  1. Interesting thought.
    I wonder where home is for a homeless person...


  2. I've learned that home is where you are at any one time. Might be for a couple of days or a couple of years - but it is home and a place of safety, where you can be you and from which you enjoy what you have or ignore what are intrusions into your life. Family and friends aren't truly 'home' but can be a welcome visitor. So when you leave your home on Iona and find a new home, either in the city or in the country, you will be home and safe...and in a place from which to build the next phase of your life. x Dado