Thursday, 17 December 2009

16th December 2009 - What An Amazing Day

OH MY WORD - the concert was better than I could have dreamed!

We were hanging around for ages waiting for it to start and nothing was happening, until Kris Drever came on the stage and said that Heidi Talbot had hurt her leg and had to go to A&E and John McCusker had gone with her. So Kris Drever and Boo Hewerdine (only THE coolest guy ever) came on and played some stuff which was really cool coz it wasn't their usual set :) They played for quite a bit, and then Kris, Boo, Roddy Woomble and John came on and said that Heidi was ok and back from the hospital but in pain so she was sitting down for a while with her 'friend'... it just so happened that her friend who rushed to the hopsital to see her was EDDI READER! So the gig carried on and they did an AMAZING set together, Heidi hobbled on stage with her crutches (and her new baby bump!) and joined in and it carried on really well :) They are such amazing musicians and click so well together on stage. And then Eddi Reader appeared and sat in the audience... she got called up to join in on stage (still in her jacket, hat and scarf!) and made the night ever better.

Oh, but did I mention the bit after the gig, the bit when I spoke to Boo Hewerdine (my musical hero just now!!) and got his autograph on his new cd...?! Oh, and did I mention the bit when I then spoke to some lovely woman about how she sent my mum a card, how she wants me to raise a glass for her at christmas, how she loves that her music has been passed down to us from my mum and how nice it would be to live on Iona...?! Oh yeah, that was EDDI READER!!! Oh, wait, I also got her autograph, and a hug!!! She rocks!

So, overall, a great night. And you know what made it better? Friends...amazing friends.

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