Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Journey Planning?

I was having a wee look at the Iona Community website, as I do occasionally, and noticed that the newest post was a Journery Planner saying:

'Planning your trip to Iona by Public Transport? This useful tool from Traveline Scotland might help.'

However, this tool may not be quite as useful as you may think. I know for a fact, and because I have done so before, that you can happily (depending on how much chocolate you have with you, and how much mist there is to spoil the stunning views) travel from Edinburgh, leaving at 7.15 am and arrive on Iona at 2.25pm. This so called 'planner' is not so useful after all, seeing as it does not realise this time of travelling. Hence the reason, I'm sure, many guests think they can only arrive on the 6.10pm ferry to Iona, which makes dinner at 6pm a right pain to for the staff, making many of them late, or even have to miss, staff choir every Saturday night. I now blame Journeys Planners around the world for ruining my Saturdays night on Iona by making them rushed. Technology fail from Traveline Scotland I think.

Rant over.

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  1. Hi Lorna, I'm manager at Traveline Scotland and I would like to look into why the journey planning system did not give you the results you expected. Would you please be able to contact me with the full details of the journey you expected to be offered (including days and times)? We always seek to make improvements to the quality of the results offered, and I would appreciate it if you could send the details on to and I will gladly investigate further. With best regards, Stuart McNeill.