Sunday, 21 February 2010

Busy Times On The Wee Isle

This week has been busy, very busy. With morning worship at 9.30am, training in common room 10.15am - 12.30pm, lunch at 1pm, back to common room 2.15pm - 4.30pm, kitchn 4.30pm - 7.30pm and then service/social at 7.30/45pm .... each day has been busy, very busy.

It's great to be so busy, and to have so much time with everyone, but it does cause problems. Like not having time to get to grips with and do your job!

We had two days of worship training and skills, which were pretty useful but also quite tiring. Many good ideas came out of those days, and some usefull hints and tips also.

The Agape Table Space service in the Michael Chapel was amazing. Linda was leading it, and we had grapes, apples and pineapple for all to share, on wee cocktail sticks... the service was very well put together and thought through. The passing of the fruit caused quite a few giggles, and it fitted in perfectly with the song that mentioned fruit bringing joy. It was great!

On Friday night some of us made our way around to Dunsmeorach (staff house, that George MacLeod used to live in) to what we call 'The Dunsmeorach Cinema' which is basically a dvd played hooked up to a projector and projected up on to the big end wall. This week we watched Wall-e, and it was great! Last night myself and my lovely housemates watched Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe. All I'm going to say is that if you haven't seen it, watch it! It's such a brilliant film, about friendships and how people come in and out of your life just at the right times. If you're anything like some people here, though, you may need a tissue or two for the tears!

After service at Bishop's House this morning we (Fran, Julie and I) had a hilarious half hour of moving furniture. Seeing as Natalie arrives tomorrow (yes, tomorrow, yay!) we thought it was about time we removed the old wardrobe from her room and got the new chest of drawers in to the room. However, that would be a simple task if the green van didn't have a flat tyre, we were stronger, there wasn't a distance from Bishop's House to the Abbey to be overcome (with said flat tyre), and a spiral staircase involved.... It was hilarious, but hard work! I then went in and gave it a dust, hoover and got the linen on the bed. Anyway, the room looks a lot nicer now and we are all looking forward to having Natalie here with us :)

I think it's time to go now and aquire a cup of tea and some biscuits to keep my little stomach happy untill mac 'n' cheese tonight :)

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  1. I remember Tom and I moving a double bed and mattress from the attic down through the abbey and up the spiral staircase! Add a trip from BH and it must have been a REAL challenge!