Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Life Goes By Too Fast!

Have you ever thought that life goes by way too quickly? Well, this is the case with staff training on the wee isle so far for me!

Had a nice weekend off, with various treats like bacon and sausage brunch, tea with Ben in Bishops House, guitar playing with amazing friends, many giggles and great conversations, a few long nights in bed, a service at Bishop's House, banoffee pie and many cups of tea to stay warm!

Back to work on Monday morning including time in the Mac kitchen debating what needs ordering, what sizes, how many, how much we can spend, and generally getting really really cold - I think the kitchen up there is colder than outside just now! Had yesterday and today as department time which has involved a few meetings to see what's going on, time sat at the computer doing various odds and ends, and some other odd wee jobs - overall has been a pretty busy two days! And from tomorrow morning life will get busier because the woman who was here to cook for us (covering the fact that Fran, the cook, is doing staff training) left today - which leaves Fran and I to do the cooking as well as do staff training... early mornings and long days for now then!

Anyway, it's so so cold up in the library tonight that I won't go telling any exciting stories for now! But, life is fun and full of laughter up here just now, even if it's long days and cold outside (and in!)...

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