Sunday, 7 March 2010


After a few days in Glasgow doing the last few bits of our staff training we all got the rest of the week off. I took this week as an opportunity to spend some time with my awesome friends...

A quick stop over in Edinburgh Sunday night to Tuesday afternoon spending some time with friends and family, and then Tuesday evening to Friday afternoon in a youth hostel. We drove down to Boggle Hole youth hostel which is about 7 miles south of Whity, close to Robin Hood's Bay. It's an awesome hostel! It has been made to look and feel like a pirate ship (hence the 'Yarg!') and it's really welcoming and cosy. And the best bit is that Auntie Sue starts work there tomorrow (she always wanted to be a pirate) and so I can hopefully stop by there again at some point this year to say hey! We had a day in Whitby being tourists, eating cake, drinking hot chocolate, shopping and taking silly pictures and we spent a day trying to walk to Whitby along the cliff edge from the hostel (don't worry, there's a path!) but we failed at that as we didn't quite realise how far the walk was.... So, after a few aches and pains and very very muddy boots, we made it back to Robin Hood's Bay for toasties, ice cream and a wander along the beach before dinner in the local hotel. Very nice :)

Now I'm back up on the wee isle and straight back to work. I placed a few orders before I left and came back yesterday to discover just how big the orders were... it's quite hard to move anywhere in the burrows just now! So, I'm slowly working my way through unpacking that, cooking meals, getting the centres ready for the volunteers who arrive on Tuesday (YAY!), preparing for work week guests arriving and the rest of the job bits also...

But, for now, I must go to my room and enjoy the warmth (unlike this room!) before a nice long snooze :)

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