Monday, 31 October 2011


Where would you expect me to be when thinking about the above things? In the maintenance shed whilst picking paint for work? In the kitchen whilst cooking? In the guest rooms whilst making beds? Out shopping? Looking at the Argos catalogue or on Amazon?

Nope. In church. Yes, not only in church, but in the leader's desk while leading a service.

Do you think you can get so used to something to the point you get blasé, even when you're the one leading it? Clearly so!

2 years living in community with 2 services every day, 9am and 9pm...

Is it a wonder at times I switch off and my mind wanders? Not really.

But is that such a bad thing? To me: not really. You can't always engage with everything all of the time. Can you? If you can, I don't think you're a true human. End of.


  1. Agreed! Also, I like your bed cover choice!

  2. also agree. Awesome pans by the way! Hp

  3. Amen! the color swatches caught my eye...