Thursday, 13 October 2011

Memories and dreams

So I went for a wander this afternoon up to St Anthony's Chapel...

It was a lovely sunny afternoon, although not by the time I got up the hill! The only annoying this was that there were people there. People? How dare they!

In my sight there was the castle, the Scott Monument, Calton Hill, the football stadium, the sea, Fife, power stations, houses, the city centre, Dynamic Earth, a pond full of happy ducks... The list goes on. Some of it doesn't sound so lovely, and to be honest it isn't that lovely. But some of it is lovely. And if you put the lovely and the not so lovely together, you get Edinburgh.

There's many memories up there There's many dreams looking out from it. With less than 12 weeks left on Iona before moving back to Edinburgh, it's hard to try to mix those memories and dreams together.

There's a theme in my blogs and general life lately - leaving Iona. Did you guess?! Guess what's taking up my mind right now! There's an awful lot more in there, but this is the easiest stuff to share I guess. Dum dee dum!

Memories and dreams,
Mine and yours.
Memories and dreams,
Challenging and rewarding.
Memories and dreams,
For now and always.

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