Saturday, 6 November 2010

3 things happend to me today... well not me, but my friend Eilidh Ceilidh

Hello, hooray, hoozah!  Hmm, it's funny being asked to blog on somebody else's blog, especially when you have no idea what to write about and you know that you are following several meaningful blog posts which will have touched many people in many ways.  I don't think that this will really be on that similar a vein, but hopefully it won't be anything less than the normal Eilidh Ceilidh splatter of words.  For a start I titled this 3 things that happened to me today... and yet haven't actually worked out what they are.  The last time I wrote for this blog it had something to do with accounting for a rather odd meal with warm pear and stiltonyness.  Since then, nearly a year has passed and although my lunch today was probably as odd a concoction of food stuffs, it so far isn't one of the three things I think I'll go into detail about.  However time will indeed tell... 

Number 1... Oh this was actually quite lovely and hopefully in no way seen as neglect.  I look after a four year old who knows what anxious is and who I would probably pop the word perpertual into conversation with.  We were walking to lunch talking about the lovely smells that we could smell (beef pie and roast potatoes) when I got ahead of her for just a few minutes less than 20 metres from our destination (see how I'm justifying my actions).  We'd been talking as we walked but perhaps our conversation lapsed.  When I popped back from just around the pend to hurry her along, she saw me and came running towards me quite upset.  Thinking she had somehow injured herslf I started looking for the usual falling over scratches or sore hands.  To my surprise she said "I thought that I had lost you..."  "I would never go anywhere further than you could find me," I replied. " I was just around the corner and I came back to get you.  We were just talking about lunch.  You know I would never disappear."  She was sad that I had been away for just a few minutes, if that.  In 3 days I leave this job and head home again for something...  I know that I will feel exactly the same as she did when that time comes.  It's nice to know that people need you in their lives... it just makes it all the harder when suddenly they seem far away.  People always say that my relatationship with this little girl is about her looking after me.  As much as we joke about it, yes, I admit it sometimes it's true and on Tuesday it will seem all the more so. 

Number 2... Oh, Lorna and I went to the Spar this moring to buy a bottle of wine.  We went for something a little over a £5 for so it wasn't too nasty and then based our purchase on the prettyness of the lable.  I think it has a dead fish on it.  When we came to open the bottle (I will remark this moment came after my shift today) we realised that it was a corked bottle.  How well we thought we had done!  On closer inspection of the bottle we realised that it had been "hand chosen by wine experts for Spar."  I can only assume that they used a similar choosing technique to the one we managed to come up with.  Perhaps this could be my next job opportunity.  The wine doesn't taste too bad, was only a little over a fiver, has a dead fish on the lable and ooooh, look, it has a cork in it too.  What's not win win about that?

Number 3... Three things isn't that many when you are not that literary skilled and are trying for something between meaningfulness and amusement.  I discussed the word ambition with my four year old friend today. It was in the context of something being over ambitious.  This, I suspect is same.  Nevertheless I shall rattle on and hope to finish before Lorna gets back from service and we can go lay on the cold, windy jetty.  Number 3... Oh yes, I was hug tricked into a tickle attack today.  Damn you Sarah Squarah, you win again.  But hah, I poked your nose and you still haven't got me back... and Becki, good rave mix.  I like it.  Mellow but nothing that you can't do the after service tea dance to.   

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