Monday, 1 November 2010

The Importance Of Light

This picture was taken on the way up to the Mac for one of my first morning shifts in the kitchen after Fran had left Iona. It was a tough time for me; not only taking over the 'run' of a kitchen that was so unknown to me, but more so 'letting go' of somebody so close to me. Each morning on my way to work, the sun made my walk beautiful and it made me feel like all was ok, even if I was stressing and didn't think I could cope. Fran always said I'd manage, and with the help of the sunrises each day, I did. Thank you Fran, you're great and I love you lots xx
This photo was taken last night after somebody had asked me - how easy is it to connect wit your mum, with someone so far away, with someone you love but can no longer be with? Well, it's easy. This cross is a memorial cross on the road just beyond the Abbey on the way to the North End. I find it a very spiritual place where I can go and 'be still' for a time. I can meet anyone there that I want to meet, that I need to meet xx
There are times when light is needed to guide the way - and this light was lit today especially for Becki as she travels the unknown and enters a new experience in a different country with new faces and unpredictable ways of living for the next few weeks. Let the light guide you on your journey, always xx

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