Monday, 1 November 2010

I Would Change Your World

"And I know that it’s been rough
But your patience has to pay
And it can’t be soon enough
And if I could have my way
I would change your world
I’d change it right away"

There seem to be quite a few people in my life right now who seem to be in a rough patch, seem to be running out of patience, seem to need their world changed. I would change their worlds if I could, and I would do it right away. But how can I do such a thing? I can't just click my fingers and change someones life. As much as I would like to. So, instead, I'll just stand by them, hold their hand, let them cry on my shoulder, walk with them, listen to them, pray for them and pray with them, care for them, and more than anything; love them.

After all, the people who have helped to change my world have loved me, so the least I can do for them is love them to change their world.

I'm with you.

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