Thursday, 5 January 2012

Power is amazing

"Power is amazing,
wood thrown on stone.
A life under there.
Once it lived,
just like the wood.
But now it's still,
just like the stone.
Life before it,
creating history.
Life above it,
wandering round.
Life after it,
miracles to explore.
What does it mean,
the power of nature?
The comings and goings
of life once so strong.
The stable tree now twigs
On the ground
Surrounding the stone.
The gift of life now
Still underground
Yet so much higher above.
Power is amazing."

A walk to the cemetery on a cold, sunny, wintery day after the strong winds had struck the landscape around... and Lorna writes on her way home.

I can't get it the right way!

I can't get it the right way!

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