Friday, 15 January 2010

Back in Dunedin

After 4 days, one familiar place, one new place, 7 trains (only one delay!) and many great conversations and memories made, I am back in Edinburgh.
Had a brilliant time in Suffolk with Stewart, Mandy and Rob.... I've written about that in my previous post.
Also had a brilliant time in Lincoln with Sue. The Cathedral... awe, wonder and majesty... If you ever need a wee break, and a reminder of how amazing our world, our surroundings and our God are, I suggest a visit to Lincoln Cathedral. When the top covers over in mist and the lights shine bright on it's mighty walls, every stone is visible beyond belief and it's stunning.
We spent many hours in bars, cafes and the cinema. 'Nine', the aparent award winning film, is not the best film I've ever seen... it's interesting to see what a 'musical' is these days... the music wasn't the best bit in it, that's for sure...
We discussed life and all it's ups and downs and generally had a great catch up.... and planned ahead to what adventures we can get up to for the rest of the year.
Now that I'm back, it's back in to packing up for me. I'm off out tonight to meet up with Aniko for a drink and then going to Glasgow tomorrow to go shopping with Eilidh before meeting Gen for dinner and going to Scottish Songbook, a concert as part of Celtic Connections. It will be on BBC on Monday, so watch out for it, it should be good...
For now though, my stomach calls...

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