Wednesday, 6 January 2010

The Western World

I was lying in bed listening to my iPod (through my new magical pillow that has speakers built in!) and many songs came on that I hadn't heard before (as I have been aquiring music from various places lately and I am still making my way through it all!).

But this one song in particular jumped out at me, due to the distinct lyrics more than anything, and it got me thinking... I've put the bits that hit me most in italics...

All across the Western World,
Second hand, second skin,
The rain comes through where the roof is thin,
All across the Western World.

All across the Ocean wide
With brothers, neighbours at our door,
Our banks are full but our souls are poor,
All across the Western World.

So melt your wings like wax to fire,
Let yourself fall out of time,
From ashes we rise.

The broken down are on the mend,
Blessed are those who have no voice,
You're only free when you have no choice,
All across the Western World.

All across the open sky,
In my career of broken wings,
Redemptive ends from tragic means,
All across the Western World.

I feel as though I should be writing some profound statements in reply to this, but I don't know what to say if I'm being honest. Maybe I'll just leave it at that, and allow you to have your own thoughts on what the lyrics say. For now, may the Western World not take over your soul, until we meet again...

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