Thursday, 7 January 2010

It appears I have my flat back...

This week has been awesome. It's been hard. It's been busy. It's been a wee tad expensive. But it's been filled with amazing friends, so it's been awesome.

I couldn't have asked for a better group of people to spend my New Year with - a selection of my Iona extended family and Tim, who made himself at home in the Iona group :) And, of course, dad and Martha were with us too - they were being the 'responsible adults' among us!

But, however amazing it was to have all of these amazing people to stay was, I am still very tired from it. Hosting is fun, but tiring.

I now have my wee room back to myself, and Heather is in London for a few days so I don't even have to fight over it with her! So, what does this have in store for me? Well, so far it proves to have been a day of chucking out - old clothes, old jammies, old shoes, old odds and ends that I didn't have a place for in my life any more. Also, a time to look through my drawer of notebooks (yes, a whole drawer) and get rid of all those random notes I no longer need (mainly lists of things, you know what I'm like for lists) and to file away those notes that I may still need or wish to read through. But, this still somehow leaves me with a drawer full of notebooks... maybe coz I had more than one drawer full before *embarrassed face*!

I also spent a wee while of today writing one of those silly letters to people to tell them that I'm leaving Edinburgh and going to Iona for a year (as if people didn't guess!) and to let them know how to contact me - so, if you recieved that letter and have bothered to look at this blog that I gave you the address to - hello!! Welcome to planet 'I'm gabbering'!

So, seeing as I'm hungry, I will stop gabbering for now! Tata! x

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