Saturday, 23 January 2010

Boxes, boxes, boxes

I have discovered today the joy of boxes. Or more to the point, the joy of packaging tape. Brown tape.

After slowly but surely sorting out my room; packing up things to leave behind, packing up things to take, chucking things in the bin, sorting things for recycling, sorting things for charity, buying things I still needed, updating guitar folders; I eventually had another box to send to myself complete.

One full cardboard box (from the recycling dept. in Dobbies Garden Centre, of course!) and one roll of brown packaging tape... If only I could spell the noise that the tape makes as you pull it off the roll, coz I find it extremely satisfying (yes, I am sad, I know)... Across the top, down the sides, across the bottom, back up the sides... So much satisfaction from some tape and a cardboard box, knowing that it's part of your life that you are tightly packing inside it...

I enjoy packing, luckily, but I do realise now that it isn't such an easy task when you are moving to a room even smaller than the one you already have, and with even less storage space... My new room has nowhere near enough space for my stationery addiction!

Anyway, other than packing I'm doing the rounds of those people I must be saying tata to for now. Went to a great gig that Andy did the other night, and loved every moment of it. He knows Kris Drever, how cool! Whizzed my car about quite a bit, to and from the shops etc. Listened to lots of newly found music, and also lots of music that I knew about before. Had many takeaways and unhealthy things that I know can't be accessed on Iona!

For now, bed time!

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