Friday, 8 January 2010

Inspiration of the day by Heidi Talbot

I decided that my evening task was to find myself some new music to listen to. After spending the afternoon sorting out paperwork of various boring forms while listening to music, I decided I needed some more... So, I began my hunt on youtube and whenever I found a song I liked I would then grab a selection of their music off Spotify and plonk them there waiting to listen to later. Genius. Free music.
I, of course, also got distracted by artists that I already know of - how else am I meant to get inspiration of others but to see who my favourite artists have played with. So, after finding all of this new music, my song of the day is one by Heidi Talbot, someone I heard of quite recently and whom I saw just last month in Glasgow. The video can been seen at and I have posted the lyrics below. Such a brilliant song; great composition, great lyrics, great voice.... Enjoy. x

In the window down the meadow,
A path of silver moonbeam,
Slips through winter snowflakes,
Like a dream.

Our small hearthfire,
Warms the world tonight,
And I get to thinking you and me,
Maybe we could better make our way,
If you stay.

I need your simple healing touch,
Need your power need your love,
Inside me to guide me,
I know it won't be easy,
But I promise to be with you,
Come what may.

If you stay here, there'll be no fear,
If we bend we'll never have to break,
We'll work things out and it'll be ok,
If you stay...

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