Wednesday, 13 January 2010


Yesterday, after quite a long journey, I arrived in Hundon, Suffolk, to spend a few days with the Aldermans, and ever since have been revisiting...

I revisited this house, finding many new things here, including a 50" HDTV and a gym!

I revisited roads that twist and turn through stunning countryside, now covered in snow.

I revisited Bury St Edmunds Cathedral, with it's new cloisters and chapels and ceiling.

I revisited the Prayer Garden of the Cathedral, looking a wee bit more worn.

I revisited pictures of many times spent with this amazing family and mine, now a changed group in many ways.

But, most of all, I have revisited amazing memories and have found all of these things I have revisited to be enlightening in some way and I am extremely glad to have made the journey here to do so. These things I have revisited have changed, in many way, but they are still in ways as I remember them to be from 5/6 years ago, and they still hold very special moments and memories in them.

I wondered why I hadn't been here in so long but now I can accept that maybe I wouldn't have noticed these changes if I had been here more often, and these changes are ones which have amazed me. We live in a world of surprises, delights, memories, sadness, joys (and the list goes on...) and I am happy to say that I can thank God for these each day, and for those people and places around me who keep surprising me, delighting me, making memories with me, sharing sadness and joy with me... who are themselves.

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