Monday, 11 January 2010

On a train...

At this moment in my life I am on a train where there is free wi-fi, nice East Coast rail company!
I've just been texting Eilidh and we have decided that we are very odd (ok, so maybe we already knew that, but we have just confirmed it!) coz when people get on train, what do they do? They read magazines. That's just what you do on a train.
But, no, not Eilidh and I! We get in to text conversation about looking after God's creation, start looking up Bible passages about it and then I allow her to write about it for work while I carry on looking at Bible passages, this time about justice between the rich and the poor.... What is with us?! Not only is Eilidh working on the train instead of reading a magazine, but I'm helping her instead of being the annoying person who falls asleep and snores...!! Did I mention that we were on seperate trains going to opposite ends of the country?!

Anyway, I really came on here to give you a wee update of what I've been doing. Ok, so we all know now that it's unlikely to be 'wee' as I just am not capabale of writing things quickly and, also, I need something to amuse me that isn't looking up Bible passages for a while! See, I spraff!

Saturday morning, I crawl out of bed at about 10.15 and look like a zombie, and feel like one too. I was planning on lazing around and still being zombie like until I needed to go to town at about 3... but something odd happened. I ate my breakfast at my usual slow rate and then, bam, I was bouncing around my room tidying, chucking things out, listening (ok, and rather loudly singing along) to music, doing my washing, writing wee notes.... I was like a wee house elf with loads of energy suddenly! I have no idea what that was about! So, after I calmed down from that I headed in to town and had coffee with Robert who'd just arrived off a bus from Aberdeen to go to a birthday party that night. Was great to catch up with him after not seeing him in like a year, even if it was brief. I then hopped on a bus back to the flat and collapsed like a zombie again for the rest of the evening, and booked train tickets for the train I am now on - which excited me rather a lot!

And then Sunday, yesterday, came around and there I was, up early (well, 9.15!) and heading for the 11am train to Glasgow to meet Eilidh for lunch and go to the Iona Community Youth Consultation Day. After munching our way through sausage, beans and chips (healthy, I know!), we headed out towards Renfield St Stephens Church ... or where we thought it was! After a bit of walking up hills not knowing where we were going we did look at a map and found it in time for a cuppa tea before the meeting! Eilidh made the mistake of coming in for a cuppa tea and ended up staying for the whole 3 and a half hour meeting! Many interesting discussions came from the day, and a lot of things to think about but I'm not gonna go in to detail now!

So at the meeting we met up with Jamie and Hilary who invited us back to have a chinese takeaway with them (exciting for them after being on Iona for so long!) and so off we set through Glasgow, picked up a chinese takeaway and sat down in John Bell's flat to have dinner ... yes, John Bell's flat! How cool, I can say I've had dinner in John Bell's flat! Anyway, was great to have a catch up with them and hear some of the stories behind some of the amazing things in his flat from Jamie (she used to live there so knows all the stories). I then legged it back across Glasgow and just caught my train back to Edinburgh where I got picked up and headed back to pack for todays trip ... and after a student coming in at 1.56am coz they got locked out their room, the lift going up and down, doors opening and closing and somebody repetitvely playing an annoying as hell bass song, I eventually got to sleep at about 2.30am ...

And, now, here I am, spraffing away coz this train is quite long! Sorry! Maybe my next one will be a little less gobble-dee-gook and more blog-ness!

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